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Every owner of a residential building can have a building check carried out by a civil engineer or architect approved for this purpose for a building passport. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you in this regard.

We examine the building for safety, health, energy consumption, technology and social aspects. We check these factors with the help of special software. If we find impairments or deficiencies in the residential building, we suggest suitable remedial measures based on the software.

Energy pass for single-family house (Maison Unifamiliale)

With plans590,00 € HTVA
Without plans640,00 € HTVA

Energy pass for multi-unit house

Base price (D' Résidence)
Including three units
790,00 € HTVA
each additional unit (flat, flat)120,00 € HTVA

Consumption pass / consumption pass / demand pass (companies and public institutions)

Buildings larger than 1,000 m²Price utility building on request
Buildings with public trafficPrice utility building on request
Utility buildingPrice utility building on request
Commercial real estatePrice utility building on request
The prices include all additional costs.

Thermal bridge details

Thermal bridge with detail sketches 149,00 € / piece HTVA